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Distance Learning Home

This page provides information for students currently participating in Distance Learning.
Please review the letter below for information regarding Distance Learning at Athlos Leadership Academy. If you have specific questions, please reach out to your student's teacher.
Distance Learning - Getting Started  (see downloadable guides on right of the screen)
How to find Distance Learning info from your teacher -- Athlos Classroom Website:
  • Go to the Athlos Classroom webpage by clicking the Athlos Classroom App (with the Athlos “A” logo)
    iPad Homescreen
  • This will take you to the “classrooms” section.  Select the grade of your student (If 6th-8th grade, select the subject of your homeroom teacher)
    Class List on Website
  • When you press a grade (in this example, 3rd Grade) it will take you to the home page, select Classes.
3rd Grade Class Page
  • When you go to classes, select your teacher and you will get  to their website!  The website will have classroom information, schedules, and announcements.  Be sure to check each day for any changes for the day!
3rd Grade Classrooms

ZOOM Meetings:

  • You can find zoom meeting links, schedules, and information on your classroom teacher’s website.  You will need a password -- the password for all zoom meetings will be ala,2021 
  • Athlos requires students to have their first name and last name to attend zoom meetings.  That way teachers know which student is entering.  If you get removed from a waiting room or zoom meeting it may be because your device is not named.
  • To rename your device, go to the zoom app and press “Join a Meeting"
  • Rename the device and you can view previous zoom meetings.
Zoom login
Join a Meeting




We will communicate and teach with empathy while acknowledging the challenges that COVID-19 brings


We will prioritize academic excellence with in a flexible learning environment


We will collaborate with families with compassion and grit to ensure that your student(s) is having meaningful academic experiences



We will offer equity and access for each and every student that is enrolled at Athlos


We will remain aware of the unique impact that COVID-19 has on every family in our building and be prepared to provide assistance when possible


We will do everything we can to understand and support the individual needs of our families, staff, students, using multiple communication strategies to provide needed support



We will follow the Minnesota Department of Health's and Minnesota Department of Education's guidelines


At all times we will acknowledge, prioritize and address Families, staff and students COVID-19 concerns.


We will continue to focus on our school culture to ensure that all students feel a sense of belonging


We will support the mental health, social-emotional and physical needs of all our families, staff and students in high risk areas