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Science Update 5/15

We are now finished with Topic 7, and all science grades are up to date in the grade book. Retakes for the Topic 7 Test will begin on Tuesday and will be available to any students who have completed all of their work for Topic 7.
Starting on Monday we will begin our final Topic for the schoolyear where we will be focusing on natural selection and change over time. 

iPads and Chargers

This is a reminder that iPads must stay AT SCHOOL for the remainder of the school year. Please remind your student of these expectations if you find that their iPad ends up at home.
Additionally, charging blocks and cords are to be turned in ASAP. If students do not return their chargers, a bill will be sent home for the replacement cost.
Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Student Phone Reminder

This is just a reminder that students may not use personal cell phones on the school property. 

Cell phones will be confiscated if they are used on the school property.  Confiscated phones will be locked up and returned on the Friday of that week.  If a phone is confiscated on a Friday, the phone will be returned on the following Monday.  

Finished with Topic 6!

The science gradebook is up to date!

Part 1 AND Part 2 of the Topic 6 Summative are now in Infinite Campus.

If students have not submitted their Part 1 worksheet, be sure to encourage them to finish. The My Plan Spreadsheet is worth 4 points and the worksheet that goes with it is worth 6 points. So you may see a score of 4 (Incomplete) if your student has finished their plan but not submitted the answers to their questions yet.

Retakes for Part 2 (test) will be available starting on Monday for students who have turned in all missing work for Topic 6.

Let me know if you have any questions. We will be start our new topic (Topic 7: Genes and Heredity) on Monday! :)

Topic 6 Summative Assessment Update

On Monday, all students were given a Topic 6 Study Guide to help them prepare for our two-part summative assessment in science class (Tues./Wed.)
Tuesday - we will begin Part 1 of our assessment which will include creating a land management plan and then using what we have learned in Topic 6 to support our reasoning. Students will be allowed to bring this assignment home and work on it at their own pace if they would like the extra time. 
Wednesday - we will start Part 2 of our assessment which will be a more typical quiz/test that will focus on the other parts of Topic 6 that were not assessed in the land management assignment. This will be taken in class, and study guides will also be due at the end of the class period along with both parts of the assessment.
Students may use their notebooks and study guides on either, or both, parts of these assessments, so please encourage them to come to class prepared! 

DL Schedule Adjustment for Tuesday 4/12

Due to in-person students taking their math MCA tests, there will be no class during 2nd block on Tuesday 4/12. However, you will Zoom with Mr. Dagger during 4th block.



1st Block - Regular ELA Zoom with Ms. Faust

2nd Block - NO ZOOM

3rd Block - Regular Science Zoom with Ms. Arens

4th Block - SWITCHED to Zoom with MR. DAGGER


You will not have any Zoom for Social Studies with Mrs. Stolarz.

DL Schedule Adjustment for Monday 4/11

Hi all,
Because our in person students will be starting their MCA math tests today, there will be NO 2nd BLOCK TODAY!

Welcome Back! 4/4

I hope everyone had an enjoyable spring break. This week in science we will be beginning Topic 6: Populations, Communities, and Ecosystems. If students need to retake their Topic 5 test, they should plan to study this week and COMPLETE RETAKES BY FRIDAY. (If students earned a 70% or below, they are expected to retake summative assessments). Students should plan to retake during study hall and communicate with me as needed once they have chosen the day they would like to test.
MCA math testing will begin next week! So we want to make sure all regular class tests are completed before then. :)

Science Test and Report Cards!

This week we are preparing for our Topic 5: Ecosystems summative test. Please help your student remember to have completed their notebooks and study guides so that they are prepared for their test Thurs/Fri.
Report cards will also be going home tomorrow! I will let students know that you will be expecting to see their report cards when they get home. :)
Have a great spring break week next week!

Adjusted Schedule for 3/15

Distance Learners will have an adjusted schedule today due to MCA testing.
The rest of the day is scheduled as normal.

Adjusted Schedule for 3/14

Distance Learners will have an adjusted schedule today due to MCA testing.
NO THIRD BLOCK ZOOM TODAY (Assignment posted in Schoology for science.)
The rest of the day is scheduled as normal.

MCA testing begins Monday (3/14)!

Seventh grade students will begin taking their READING MCA tests this week, starting on Monday (3/14). Math MCAs will begin the week of April 11th.

If you have any questions about testing, please feel free to reach out to me. :)


Per state requirements, students are unable to have access to their cell phones or wearable technology at any time during MCA testing or during breaks from MCA testing. In the event that a student has access to a cell phone or wearable technology during testing, the student’s test is required to be invalidated, even if the student did not use the device. Wearable technology includes, but is not limited to smart watches and fitness trackers.

On dates when your student is scheduled to take MCA assessments, your student will check in their phone and/or device with me on the morning of testing. I will collect the phone/device, put it in a labeled zip locked bag and keep it in a locked cupboard until the end of testing for the day, at which time I will return the phone/device to your student.

End of Trimester 2!

Thursday (3/10) is the last day of Trimester 2. Students must have all science work completed and retakes finished by TOMORROW if they need to improve their grade.