Week 3 Update

NOTE: I will be gone on Monday (9/20), and possibly other days this week. So please reach out to me if you have questions! (sydney_arens@alapbmn.org)
DISTANCE LEARNERS: There will be NO LIVESTREAM on Monday 9/20 for Ms. Arens' classes. Instead you should follow the instructions in Schoology.
You have already shown how focused you can be when you are working, so please keep it up and help the sub if needed.
Here is the plan for this week:
Monday - Review day for Topic 1 Cumulative Test (9/21) - Google Form study guide (Formative Assessment)
Tuesday - TEST DAY! :) (Formative or Summative TBD)
Wednesday - Begin Patterns in Nature mini-topic
Thursday - Patterns in Nature mini-topic
Friday - Finish Patterns in Nature mini-topic