No Livestream for Ms. Arens Tuesday 9/21/21

Distance Learners -  I am so sorry, but there is no Livestream again Tuesday 9/21/21 because I am still absent. My in-person students were not able to do the study guide assignment in science class on Monday, so they will be doing that Tuesday instead. If you did not do this assignment yet, please open Schoology and follow those instructions during your science time. If you are completed with the study guide Google Form, you have no new material for science today.
In-Person Learners - Yesterday, you were told to watch a movie instead of the study guide assignment, so we are bumping our schedule back by one day. You will do your study guide Google Form in Schoology on Tuesday 9/21/21 and you will take the test on Wednesday 9/22/21.
Please send me a message if you have any questions!