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Student Records

It is the policy of Athlos Leadership Academy to fully comply with state and federal laws regarding the classification, maintenance and use of education data.

To submit requests for student records, please follow the instructions below:

School Requests for Student Records
In the event that an Athlos Leadership Academy student has transferred to your school district, please fax or mail your request for records to 763-315-0601. The request must be submitted on an official school records request form or letterhead. Due to data practices procedures, Athlos Leadership Academy does not accept school requests for student records via phone or email.

Parent Requests for Student Records
Athlos Leadership Academy maintains educational records on all students, in accordance with state regulations, to help plan each student’s educational program and to communicate student progress with parents/guardians. Student records include such information as standardized achievement scores, grades, attendance, health and medical records and/or evaluations by professional staff.

No one except appropriate school personnel and parents/guardians shall have access to individual student records without either a subpoena or appropriate written permission of the student’s parents/guardians. Such information will not be released to an outside agency without a completed Consent to Release form. Parents/Guardians have the right to examine the contents of their own student’s educational records, except items made confidential by state or federal law. To view and/or request copies of specific student records, please submit a written request to Athlos Leadership Academy. Records will be available within 10 business days of the request.

Incoming Student Records from Prior Schools
Athlos Leadership Academy accepts incoming student records via fax at 763-315-0601 for our newly enrolled students. In the event that your institution it not able to fax outgoing records, you may email the records to [email protected].