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Parent and Community Involvement

Our students benefit from the time and talents given by parents and community members. We appreciate the support of all those who volunteer at our school.   

Individuals who are interested in volunteering at Athlos Leadership Academy must first complete a volunteer application and background check. Volunteer applications and background check release of information forms may be found on the district website or by contacting the front office at Athlos Leadership Academy. As per School Board policy, criminal background checks are required of volunteers. Athlos Leadership Academy respectfully requires prospective volunteers to pay the cost for the background check. Volunteer opportunities can be found on the website or by contacting the Family Services Coordinator.

Parent Volunteers

Volunteer background checks for parent volunteers do not need to be processed every year.  Volunteers need only complete the background check and volunteer application once and the results will follow all of their students through their Athlos Leadership Academy educational careers. The initial background check will be paid for by the prospective volunteer. Athlos Leadership Academy reserves the right to request an additional background check at any time over the course of their students’ time at Athlos in order to continue serving as a volunteer. ALA will pay for any required background checks after the initial process.

Community Volunteers

Volunteer background checks and volunteer applications for community volunteers must be processed every 3 years. Each background check will be paid for by the prospective volunteer.

ALA Student Graduate Volunteers

Former Athlos students who are under 18 years of age may request permission to volunteer at ALA by contacting the school principal. After 18 years of age they may apply as a Community Volunteer. The principal reserves the right to request letters of recommendation from the prospective volunteer’s high school guidance counselor or principal. Student volunteers must be under the direct supervision of ALA staff during their volunteer experience.
To learn more about volunteering at Athlos Leadership Academy, please download the Volunteer Handbook and complete the volunteer packet below. You may contact the Family Services Coordinator for more information at (763-777-8947)

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