Athlos Leadership Academy


As a data-driven school, Athlos Leadership Academy administrators and teachers use student achievement results and growth data to determine trends in performance levels. Further, ALA teachers analyze student-specific data when determining the educational supports needed at the student level. Through benchmark assessments and continuous progress monitoring, ALA teachers have a clear understanding of each student’s current achievement data. That data is used for setting measurable goals for accelerating progress toward the year-end proficiency goals.


Curriculum and instructional techniques are selected based on the results of assessments, teacher observations, best practice, and current research. ALA’s primary focus is to provide students with a high-quality and rigorous academic program to prepare students for college or a career. 


State Assessments

Athlos Leadership Academy follows guidance from the Minnesota Department of Education when making determinations of student requirements regarding assessments.


Athlos Leadership Academy District Assessments

Athlos Leadership Academy’s district assessments have been chosen as part of the school-wide board-approved assessment plan. Additional assessments may be added to the district assessment plan under the directives of administration or the board. Parents and students may not opt out of taking district assessments as they are required of all students in order to create learning plans to best meet student needs. All students will take district assessments in accordance with the assessment plan and the school assessment calendar.