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The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) and alternate assessment, Minnesota Test of Academic Skills (MTAS), are the statewide tests that help districts measure student progress toward Minnesota's academic standards and meet the requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Third through eighth graders take assessments in reading and math. Fifth and eighth graders take science MCAs as well. Most students take the MCA, but students who receive special education services and meet eligibility criteria may take the MTAS.


As a public charter school, we are required to align our curriculum and instruction with Minnesota State Standards. MCA assessments are then used to measure student progress in relation to the standards they have been instructed on throughout the year. Unless students require specific accommodations as noted in IEPs or 504s, MCA assessments are taken on computers.


The MCA testing schedule can be found here. Classroom teachers will also be in communication with students and families regarding specific testing dates for your student’s homeroom. Any changes will be communicated through the school’s webpages.