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Thank you for visiting our Specialist page! Here at Athlos Leadership Academy, our students explore various educational experiences in the specialist classrooms by creating, performing, and interpreting various learning concepts within the realms of Integrated and Fine Arts; which includes Art, Music and Technology.  In Art, students learn about the elements and principles of design through appropriately challenging projects at each grade level. Students experience a variety of media, techniques, and art styles throughout the year that help them discover their own personal style as well as strengthen their creative problem-solving skills and motor skills. In Music, students will foster an appreciation for all types of music, develop skills in music literacy according to state and national grade standards, and practice healthy vocal techniques that students can carry with them throughout their entire musical life.   In Technology, there are a wide range of skills the students will develop as well as applications they will explore.  They will have the chance to learn technical and research skills, discover creative ways to share information, and even practice the basics of coding. Our specialists invite you to email them with any questions you have about our Art, Music, and Technology programs