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Hello! I’m excited to start another year teaching Language Arts at Athlos Leadership Academy. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy playing pretty much every sport, especially wiffleball. I even built a stadium in my backyard! This summer I tried getting up on a water ski upside down and backwards. It didn’t work, and I got a bunch of water up my nose. I graduated from Saint John’s University with a degree in Education. I look forward to being in communication with you!


Recent Posts

Superhero Day

Friday, October 27 is superhero day. Dress as your favorite superhero. This is a free dress day!

Unity Day 10-25-17

We will be celebrating Unity Day on Wednesday, October 25th. Unity Day is designed to bring our community together in support of kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. To show unity, students are encouraged to accessorize with orange items such as socks, shoes, leggings, long-sleeved shirts under uniforms, headbands, etc. Students are expected to be in uniform on this day; let’s show our creativity!

MCA Cell Phone Policy

Per state requirements, students are unable to have access to their cell phones or other electronic devices at any time during MCA testing or during breaks from MCA testing. Having a cell phone or electronic device in a pocket or backpack is considered having access. In the event that a student has access to a cell phone during testing, the students test is required to be invalidated, even if the student did not use the device.


On dates when your student is scheduled to take MCA assessments, your student will check in their phone and/or electronic device (including Smart Watches) with their homeroom teacher on the morning of testing. The homeroom teacher will label the phone/device and keep it in a locked cupboard until the end of the school day at which time the teacher will return the phone/device to the student.

MCA Dates March 20-24 (Language Arts)

7th Graders will be taking the language arts MCA during their social studies block the week of March 20. 

Language Arts Update 2-3-17

Students are finishing up reading poetry and will now start transitioning into writing poetry. This week students have studied Wordly Wise Lesson 10. On February 10, they will take the Lesson 11 quiz. 

Language Arts Update 1-23-17

This week students will be begin reading through poems, identifying figurative language and sound devices. The Wordly Wise Lesson 9 quiz will be on Friday. Students will have nightly reading from their homework novels, as well as nightly Wordly Wise assignments.  

Math OLPA 2 (1-17 through 1-23)

Students will be taking part two of the math OLPA during language arts from 1-17 to 1-23. They should come prepared with a pencil. 

OLPA Schedule

Please review the OLPA parent letter for important information on OLPA testing this year. Our classroom is scheduled to test on the following dates:
Week of November 14th- Math OLPA
December 7th through December 13th- Reading OLPA
January 17th through January 23rd- Math OLPA
I will keep you informed of any change to testing dates.