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A bit about me!

I am the 8th-grade Earth Science teacher. I'm from the area and am excited to be teaching so close to home! I graduated from Winona State for teaching and am happy to share my love for Science with the students I have.
My goal as your student's teacher is to make sure they succeed. So please reach out if you need anything. If you or your student need anything please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or call at (763)-777-8942 Ext.8841.



End of the Trimester

Hi everyone,
It is that time! We are at the end of the first Tri. I am sending home unofficial grade reports with your students. If they are missing anything they still have a chance to get them in.
Also, the test grades are in. If you are not happy with how your student did, there is going to be a makeup test this week. We will be doing some reinforcement beforehand.
Have a great week!

Test on Tuesday

Hi everyone,
I hope you are all ready for the break! Before we are off, we have a test here in Science. I have attached the study guide if your student does not have it. We will be going over it today, however. If you are looking for study materials for your student, I have provided links to a few good resources on Kahoot and Quizlet that will get them ready for tomorrow. Both links are posted into Schoology.
Have a great break!

Exam on Tuesday (Nov 22)

Hello everyone,
On Tuesday there is going to be a chapter exam. I will be sending a study guide home with your students today. It is attached here as well in case it gets lost between school and home.

Science this Week Nov.15

Hello everyone,
We are finishing up our chapter about atoms this week. I am expecting to have the test on Tuesday of next week. I will be posting the study materials so the kids can be ready online on Schoology.
Also, if you are still interesting in our bake sale that is still going on you can find the page for it right here:
Have a great week!

Activities this week (Nov 11)

Hi Everyone,
Today in Science we are doing a Lesson check for the current section. It is a small quiz that will be open note. The students will also be learning about how to identify if a substance contains starch. They will be doing a simulation online to prepare them for a real experiment next week.
The assignments will be called the following in Infinite Campus:
T8L3 Check
The Iodine Test Savvas
There were two other assignments this week which almost everyone completed. The were:
Valence Electrons Savvas
Transferring Energy Savvas
If you have any concerns please feel free to contact me.

Student Ambassadors

Hi everyone!
We will be starting student ambassadors soon! I sent home a form with your student if they were interested. It has all the information you need. Also, it does require a signature from a parent/guardian. If your student is up to the challenge then I highly recommend they go for becoming an ambassador!

Pastry Fundraiser

Hi there folks,
As you may know we are doing a fundraiser here at school. You can buy a pastry that you can bake at home. The link below will bring you to the ordering page!
Have a great day,
Mr. Morgan

November 8

Hi everyone,
This week we are learning about atomic bonds. There will be two assignments in class through Savvas this week as well as a few responses from our notes. So there should be a few new things cropping up in the grade book this week.

October 17

Hi everyone!
This week in Science we are starting a new unit. We are going to be learning a bit about atoms, mixtures, acids, and bases. A bunch of stuff about how things go together.
Also, this Wednesday is going to be unity day. It is not a free dress day, but the kids are encouraged to wear things that are orange with their uniforms. Things like socks, shoes, leggings, long-sleeved shirts under uniforms, head coverings, headbands, etc. 

Picture day!

Hi everyone,
I just sent home picture order forms today. I had all students in my homeroom put them into their backpacks. If your student is missing the form please reach out and I can get them an extra.
Picture day will be on Monday, October 24th

Oct 10

Hi everyone,
This week we are wrapping up our unit about information technology. We are starting with some review. Then we will be preparing for a test this week.

Week of Oct 3

Hi everyone,
This week in Science we are continuing to work on our understanding of analog and digital recordings. We've already learned a bit about how Morse code works, and this week we will be learning how to make simple phrases using Binary. There will be some work online to do. Whatever does not get finished in class is going to be considered homework.

Week of Sept 19

Hello everyone!
This week in Earth Science we will be finishing our circuits section. There will be two quizzes this week. One will be open notes and the other will not. Also, on Friday we will be presenting the presentations we have been working on. There will be work time during the week to put the finishing touches on that project.
Have a great week!
Mr. Morgan

Week 2

Hello everyone,
This week we are going to get a start on the sound technology project. We will only be working on that on Monday. It is not due Monday. The rest of the week we will be exploring circuits and other aspects of technology.